The Superbowl – Historically Known as the AFL-NFL World Championship of Football (History & Trivia)

The Superbowl is the ultimate championship match for the sport of American football. In the Superbowl, the National Football League (NFL) leading team meets the American Football League (AFL) leading team. The game takes place on Sunday afternoon which has became known as Superbowl Sunday and which has ultimately become marketed and treated as a national holiday.

The first game of this kind was held on January 15, 1967. The game was promoted as the AFL-NFL World Championship but the cumbersome name didn’t stick. Instead, the unofficial title, the “Superbowl” was used by fans and media. By the fourth match between the NFL and AFL in 1970, the name was officially changed to the Superbowl and thus, this is when Superbowl history began.

The Superbowl is probably best known for its advertisements than the actual football games. Historically the game is watched by over a billion viewers worldwide. And while the actual game play is often lackluster, with few exciting moments, the advertising campaigns that are launched throughout it are just the kind of moments that make the Superbowl party shine. In a world where thirty seconds of advertising time costs upwards of $2.5 million, they often generate more advance hype than the game match up itself.

The Superbowl attracts some of the top celebrities of the music industry to participate in a pre-game show, the singing of the national anthem and performing in the half-time show. For example, in 2006 the pre-game show contained performances by Joss Stone and Stevie Wonder; while Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville performed the national anthem. It was the Rolling Stones that headlined the half time extravaganza.

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