Muscle Mass Weight Gain – How to Make Sure the Weight You Are Gaining is Muscle

When you are training and eating for muscle mas weight gain you have to be careful not to gain so much weight that you begin getting fat. Here is a list of things that you should do in order to make sure that the weight you are gaining is muscle mass.

  1. Make sure that you are not gaining more than 2 pounds per week. There is only so much muscle that your body can build in a set amount of time. Gaining more weight than 2 pounds per week does not mean you are gaining more muscle and it probably means you are storing the extra calories as body fat.
  2. Drink more water. Your body is Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer results about 60% water so make sure that you are drinking plenty of it. This will also ensure that you stay hydrated 24/7 and will keep your kidneys healthy.
  3. Eat more protein. Protein is the only nutrient that can build muscle mass. Eat lean meats, cottage cheese, skim milk, protein powder, etc. Just make sure that you are getting enough of it.
  4. Focus on compound exercises. These exercises activate more muscle fibers per repetition than any other exercises. Some good examples are: squats, leg press, military press, dips, chin ups, rows, etc.
  5. Follow a properly designed program. You can never really achieve optimal muscle mass results unless you follow a program that is well designed and that takes into account your diet, activity levels, etc.

Above all remember that consistency is key. Make sure to that you follow your plan for at least 3 months and be patient! You WILL see results.

Often people decide to follow the routines, diets, advice, etc of their friends or magazines. Most of the time this leads to suboptimal results.