Buffalo Bills – Making a Run For the Title in 2009

Could the 4-time Super Bowl Champions of Buffalo be putting a move in play to challenge for the 2009 division title? There are more than a few fans who think this scenario is very likely. This is why sales of Buffalo Bills tickets are holding steady even though the 2008 season was far from stellar.

For the ninth consecutive football season, the Buffalo Bills have not made it into the post-season playoffs. Not that they have lacked enthusiasm, and the team has certainly been delivering some spectacular moments on the field. Any of their fans will tell you that this season was one of the times when opportunities slipped from their grasp and the Bills failed to live up to expectations. The Buffalo Bills football dynasty has a history of turning defeat into a run at greatness and this is why fans are planning to have Buffalo Bills tickets in their hands for the 2009 season. They do not want to miss the next great comeback and many are sure that this year will be a winning season.

The Roller Coaster History of the Bills

The saga of the Buffalo Bills team began on October 28, 1959. Ralph C Wilson was presented with the franchise for the seventh AFL team and “Bill Mania” was just about to begin. For almost 50 years the players, coaches and fans have truly experienced the ecstasy of winning and the painful agony of frustration and defeats. Through it all, the team has been a glowing example of perseverance and determination.

Success would come early for this team when they tied the Patriots for the AFL Eastern title, but they would lose the playoff bid. They then took the division title in 1964 and 1965 by defeating the San Diego Chargers both times. The revered Lou Saban was the Bills head coach during this rush to วิธีสมัคร ufabet greatness, but left after the 1965 title was secured. In 1966 Buffalo narrowly missed being in the debut Super Bowl. The next 16 years saw fewer moments of glory for the team, but during the early 1970’s, Saban returned and OJ Simpson set records as their star running back.

Head coach Chuck Knox helped spur the demand for Buffalo Bills tickets when he helped them take a 1980 AFC Eastern title. Buffalo even went to the playoffs in 1981 but were unable to defeat the stellar game of a hot Cincinnati team. Marv Levy stepped in as coach in 1986 and made Buffalo into a juggernaut. The team took 5 AFC Eastern titles in 6 years and played in an incredible 4 Super Bowls. Buffalo Bills tickets were being sold fast and furious on the open market and over 630,000 fans attended the 1991 season games, which set a record at that time.